Allen Peterson

Chef, Owner

A Nutritionist/Chef, Allen established Vera Pizza Napoletana after a three-month-long trip to Italy. He learned about the cuisine there, shared them with friends back in the United States, and saw the inspiration to share cooking ideas and techniques with other people online. His passion for food and cooking inspired him to create the wonderful world of Vera Pizza Napoletana.

Anona Heath

Senior Editor

Anona is from an Asian race but was born and raised in Texas and is also a chef specializing in western culinary, particularly South American cuisine. She was introduced to Allen by a mutual friend at a food tasting event, and the rest is history.

Claudia Kinsley

In-house Dietician, Contributor

Claudia is a professional dietician, and she shares her knowledge regarding diets based on medical conditions, body and blood type, or contributing factors affecting the nutrition a person receives.

Hudson Glover


A fitness expert by trade, Hudson contributes health advice and ways you could live a healthy lifestyle through his writings.

Jerrold Leigh

Community Manager

Jerrold heads our community management team and handles our online spaces.