Why your home should reflect your personality

Neha Yoosuf,
April 29, 2021

You can accessorise and bring in the best furniture from the market to your space, but if the fundamentals of colour and texture are not syncing well together, then it can all go for a toss. These two key elements add a lot of value and depth to your space and you don’t want to miss out on how you can manipulate it. Don’t fret because it’s definitely much easier than it sounds!

In addition to adding tangible character, there is a lot of visual play that you can toy around with. Each material can add personality and you can create your own palette that speaks about yourself. For example, furniture pieces in wood have a warm touch and are perfect to create a snug and cozy ambience. Wood alone has a lot of grains and patterns so you can definitely find a shade that works well with your existing fabrics and colour palette. Terrazzo is an upcoming and trending material and works very well in adding a playful and colourful touch. Textures can make a space feel smaller or larger because of the way a material absorbs or reflects colour. Matte or glossy, rough or smooth, dark or light, the combinations and permutations are endless. The secret is in finding the balance that ties everything together.

Most of us play it very safe with colours. The neutral palette is common in many households but that does not mean that a space is boring. Ironically, as safe as you may think it is to pick a neutral scheme, your house can look bland if not done the right way. Remember that there is a wide variety of texture play that can happen even when using neutral shades. Rattan furniture pieces are ideal examples of this. Along with the natural look, the interwoven cane or bamboo patterns add a lot of visual character.

Accent colours can be brought in through throw pillows, rugs or even artworks. The main idea to keep in mind is to limit the colours added. It is not ideal to have too many colours and accent pieces in a small space which can leave the eyes wandering from corner to corner. Dark colours absorb light and can help in creating a more introverted space. Be it a dark fabric curtain or heavy velvet armchair, try to limit the amount of dark colour usage because it can also make your space look lifeless if used extensively.

Reflective materials like glass, mirror and metal are game changers. A large marble topped dining table, if replaced with a sleek glass top, can instantly make your dining room seem much lighter and airier. Metal artworks or coffee tables with metal base stand out when used in a space with good ambient lighting.

Feel free to play with colours and wallpapers on your walls. You can get a very elegant and bold look by having a statement wall with a decorative wallpaper or even textured paint. All the surrounding furniture items can then be played in a more subtle colour shade to complement it.

Colours and textures can be seen as the ribbon that binds it all together. A few thoughtful furniture and accessory decisions can transform the look and feel of your home. Keeping this and the overall lighting in mind, the visual story of your space can be fine-tuned as per your liking.


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